How Does Agamemnon Affect The Family

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The main characters who are involved in this myth are her husband Agamemnon, her lover Aegisthus, her son Orestes, and her daughter Electra. Her husband, Agamemnon, was the commander of the Greek army in the Trojan War. While her husband was away, she had an affair with Aegisthus. When Agamemnon returned from war Aegisthus and Clytemnestra murdered him. After that Clytemnestra was murdered herself by her son Orestes with the help of his sister and her daughter, Electra, with the intention of revenge for killing their father. In the myth Agamemnon, part of the reason that Clytemnestra murders Agamemnon due to revenge for him sacrificing their daughter, Iphigeneia, in the hope of luck in the war. The other reason is her strong love for Aegisthus.…show more content…
This myth shows the importance of family and how your family is affected by your decisions. Clytemnestra’s decision to have an affair with Aegisthus affected her whole family, especially her husband, Agamemnon, for obvious reasons. It also deeply affected her children. You can tell it affected her children because seven years after Agamemnon was murdered by Clytemnestra and Aegisthus, her children, Orestes and Electra, felt that the only way to avenge their father was to murder Clytemnestra. Clytemnestra cares about her children and the reason that is portrayed is because again, part of the reason she murdered her husband was because he sacrificed their other daughter to the gods for good luck before the war. He did so without her knowledge which angered Clytemnestra and hence part of the reason for Agamemnon’s…show more content…
There was a lot of betrayal shown in this myth. Clytemnestra betraying Agamemnon, Orestes and Electra betraying Clytemnestra, and Agamemnon betraying Clytemnestra by secretly sacrificing their daughter, Iphigeneia. All of the betrayal that ended up happening all resulted to murder. In real life of course, affairs such as this one do not typically lead to murder but it can and does happen. What this moral is mainly trying to portray is that actions do have consequences and that bad things can happen due to choices made. It also shows that anyone can be betrayed at any moment and people can blow the betrayal out of the water with the revenge they think is

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