Grendel's Argumentative Essay

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In a dirty, foggy, pit, at the foothills of a set of mountains in the Danish countryside, we find the monster Grendel. Only Grendel doesn’t like that title very much, “monster” like he is this awful beast, with no heart or feelings. Okay, so maybe he’s eaten a few people, and he’s terrorized a couple mead halls, but what lonely guy hasn’t. They call him “monster” because of his scaly skin, and his clawed fingers, what’s that got to do with anything? His great, great, great, uncle was the infamous Cain, big deal that doesn’t mean he’s destined to be evil. Grendel is a good guy, just a lonely beast with a large appetite for human flesh. As a child Grendel spent his time in his pit, weeping because his mother was too busy to pay attention to him

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