Kitzmiller Vs Dover Area School Case Study

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The case of Kitzmiller versus Dover Area School District can be seen as the most recent controversy between evolution and religion. This case came about when the school board district of Dover, along with its headperson, Bill Buckingham, decided that Darwin’s theory of evolution should have an alternative. Their perspective was that life itself is too ambiguous and arduous to only be originated naturally. Buckingham and the other school board members firmly believed that the world was created from intelligent design. Eventually, eleven parents became involved when science teachers of Dover had to read a statement released by the school board. This statement read that basically stated that Darwinism and evolution are flawed and not supported.…show more content…
When beginning this case, the Kitzmiller side researched this topic thoroughly, which lead to evidence that Intelligent Design and creationism could be one and the same. Both intelligent design and creationism are supernatural, which is outside the realm of science. Intelligent design and creationism are both viewed as having involvement in religious practices. One views creationism as the precursor of intelligent design. When the Kitzmiller side questioned the Dover Area School District about creationism being ruled as unconstitutional in 1987 because it was considered “not a science”, the school board consistently tried to convey that creationism and intelligent design were not the same. However, when Jon Buell, on the school board district side, was cross examined it became clear that the school board district approach with intelligent design was to get Christian values taught in public schools by science teachers. Once again, creationism involves the use of religion and supernatural activity. Therefore, as…show more content…
Also, since intelligent design reflects religious views, it is a violation of the first amendment to teach it in public schools. Furthermore, the video points out that even if intelligent design was considered a science, because of all the diverse religions it would be extremely difficult to distinguish which religion to teach. Additionally, the teaching of intelligent design could offend both believers and nonbelievers because in some aspects it could be viewed to minimize God as just a creator who just creates systems, rather than being a loving, caring, and trusting mighty

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