Grendel's Argumentative Essay

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In the story of Grendel, his last words being, “Poor Grendel’s had an may you all,” (Gardner 174), his words are meant to affect mankind, and the animal kingdom, especially those who have gathered to watch him die, cursing them. To further explain, as Beowulf speaks to Grendel using the reference of Abel and Cain, calling him brother, saying “the world will burn green, sperm build again. My promise… by that I kill you,” (Gardner 170), Grendel is fed up and does not want to listen to Beowulf’s words. In addition, Beowulf is forcing Grendel to sing words and he has no other choice because he is being held in position where he is in pain. As Grendel comes to realize that Beowulf is crazy, he escapes and knows he is going to die.

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