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Imagine being at the United State’s best beach. A day you can spend with family or friends. Siesta Key in located in Sarasota County in Southern Florida. I’ve only visited twice, and I think it is a must for everyone to visit. Siesta Key Beach has such alluring qualities that continue to make it the Number one beach in the United States. Siesta is absolutely beautiful with the Gulf of Mexico, pure quartz sand, and tons of activities to do. One of the best features of Siesta Key Beach is the Gulf of Mexico. The Gulf of Mexico has clear, warm water perfect for swimming. Since I went in April the water was already warm enough to swim comfortably in. The tide is very low in the Gulf, which makes it a lot safer to swim in. Waves in the Gulf aren’t very big however, this allows skimboarding. Skimboarding is used to glide across the water's surface to meet an incoming breaking wave, and ride it back to shore. Nevertheless, while I was done there I saw so many people up and down the beach running and jumping on to this little board. I came to realize they made it look a lot easier than it actually was. Like many newcomers to the sport I found my face in the sand many times. Although, it…show more content…
This sand is very unique and unusual because it does not get hot. Unlike, at other beaches on hot days are refreshing when you’re in the water but as soon as you get out you burn the bottom of your feet on hot sand. Personally the cool, soft, white sand was my favorite part of the entire beach. Also, along the beach there are shark’s teeth and seashells mixed in. Siesta actually has a lot of shark’s teeth and so you see many people walking up and down the coast finding them. As you walk around the beach there are many sand castles because of the soft sand kids can make them and it’s not too hot on their hands. Not only is there a great body of water and beautiful sand but there is other great things about Siesta everyone

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