Metamorphosis Literary Analysis

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Life is sometimes absurd and things can often not be explained. In the short story “Metamorphosis” Franz Kafka utilizes fully this theme of the absurdity and through the transformation of Gregor and the following action of characters. Kafka’s use of the absurd drives the plot in the short story “metamorphosis”. The very transformation of Gregor into an insect at the beginning of the short story foreshadows what is to come for the reader while reading the “Metamorphosis”. The first line in the story is, “One morning, upon awakening from agitated dreams, Gregor Samsa found himself, in his bed, transformed into a monstrous vermin.”(Kafka).The quote introduces the theme of absurdity at the very beginning of the story and it sets the tone for the…show more content…
The transformation raises no alarm with the family and they treat it as an untreatable disease that suddenly took hold of Gregor and nothing could be done to stop it. He is seen as an obligation to the family now and is ball and chain around the family’s leg. With the lack of action from the family and other characters including Gregor himself Kafa is able to reinforce the theme of absurdity. The lack of action gives the reader a sense that Kafka is trying to say that in life things happen and the reaction be people to absurd events is often times more ridiculous than the events themselves. Another one of these moments is when Gregor is worried that he won’t be able to go to work rather than being concerned that he is a giant bug. The absurdity continues when his family doesn’t seek to help Gregor and Gregor even doesn’t try to find the cause of his change rather what he can do to be comfortable in his new surroundings. Kafka uses these ridiculous reactions to further the absurdity of the story and show that the characters almost expect ridiculous things to happen in the world they live

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