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quote shows how Sedaris and Jason started to act on and embrace their homosexuality but they still were scared to be known to others and they were somewhat ashamed of what they had done after it was done. Sedaris and Jason felt humiliated after noticing what they had practiced on each other. Sedaris and Jason soon stopped these activities most likely in fear of being caught. In contrast to the quote of feeling a sense of guilt, a review on the book Naked says, “Sedaris reflects upon his history with a noticeable absence of guilt, blame, or wizened regret.” (Gantz 6). Perhaps this quote was said after Sedaris embraced who he was as a homosexual. Jason played a prank on Sedaris and told the rest of the boys at camp that he had found a note on Sedaris’s bed reading “I LIKE GUYS”.…show more content…
This backs up Sedaris’s belief on how other people wouldn’t accept him if they found out that he was a homosexual. With that being a close call to others finding out about Sedaris’s homosexuality, he tried to find a girlfriend, “I tried to find a girlfriend of my own,” he said, “But my one possible candidate was sent back home when she tumbled down the steps of the Parthenon, causing serious damage to her leg brace.” (Sedaris 92). With having no chance of getting a girlfriend to cover up his sexuality, Sedaris started to embrace who he really was, a homosexual. “I like guys. The words had settled themselves into my features, I was a professional now, and it showed.” (Sedaris 93). Here we see the first time that Sedaris acknowledges himself as a

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