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In it’s first week in stores all across America, EA Sports sold over one million copies of Madden 25. Madden football is the most popular football video game franchise of all time. Madden 25 is the newest installment in the series, released on August 27, 2013. This edition of Madden, however, marked the 25th anniversary of Madden football, which titles usually are followed with the actual year, like Madden 13 for 2013 for example, so the pattern was not followed. In honor of the silver anniversary, the game’s developers, EA Sports, wanted to fix all the problems of earlier games and to make the best game they could. They exceeded their expectations greatly. Through the use of amazing gameplay, improved Connected Careers mode, and good changes…show more content…
Madden Ultimate Team lets this happen. Madden Ultimate Team has been around for awhile and is beloved by fans. It is just like franchise except for some things, like playing each game gets rid of one game off the player’s contract. You also work to complete sets of cards, which these cards are your players. Madden 25 took Ultimate Team to an all new level. They used team chemistry to provide your team with an authentic feel, as if the player actually is the owner of the team. Team chemistry is based on the team captain the person playing chooses in the beginning, like Adrian Peterson for speed running, and Drew Brees for long passes. The player plays games, multiplayer or solo, in order to raise this team chemistry and coins. Coins can be used to buy players or packs of cards. Ultimate Team also has a new feel to the games. Improved graphics make it actually feel like you are watching a real game, and you feel absolute sadness when you lose a game by a couple of points that you thought you would win. Think about it, this mode lets you feel the sadness and frustration of being down by two points and missing the game winning 45 yard field goal by inches in overtime. It also lets you feel the joy and excitement of being down by six points and leading a rally until you throw a hail mary for a touchdown and squeezing by your opponent for the win. Ultimate Team is a major reason why I’d highly recommend this game to football

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