The Lust Killer: Etophonophilia

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Erotophonophilia is a paraphilia that centers its acts of murder on real or imagined lust. Murders committed by erotophonopilacs often consists of genital mutilation.Another word for Erotophonophilia is lust murders (Griffiths, 2013). Several men and women are known for committing these type of murders. A man by the name Jerry Brudos was known to have had this disorder, he was called "The Lust Killer". He typically stalked , raped, and brutally torture his victims. Jane Toppan was an female lust killer that eventually confessed to what she had done. Someone without this disorder wouldn't quite understand where the mind of a Erotophonophiliac is clearly at. Page Break This disorder has been going on since around the 1960's. Etophonopilacs…show more content…
There have to be a thrill and sense of control or power given off by this type of paraphilia to be fulfilled. I don’t have any relations with this paraphilia to even understand where the people minds are. Research shows there was a lust murderer named Jerry Brudos often called The Lust Killer that started showing signs of this paraphilia around the age 17. With his first victim he threatened her with a kitchen knife, made her take off her clothes, and took pictures of her naked body. He was then sent to Oregon State Hospital psychiatric ward to get evaluated , but he was allowed to attend school during the day. Jerry had a fetish for women high heels and underwear so when he did his killing he would remove these items and store them in secret places. He later admitted to four murders and several assaults and attempted abductions. Another known lust murdered was Jane Toppan she had the ambition to have killed more helpless people than any other man or woman that ever lived. Her ambition tells a lot about her mind frame, it shows that she really did not care about anything but killing. She was training as a nurse in Cambridge Hospital and she used her residents as her victims. She would change the dosage of morphine and atropine that she gave the residents and watch them go unconscious and then get in the bed with them. When she was arrested and asked questions she told them that she got a sexual thrill out of residents that were near death. This was so unusual due to the fact that women usually murder due to material gain not sexual satisfaction. By 1902 she admitted to 31 murders and she was found not guilty by reason of insanity and spent the rest of her life in Taunton Insane

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