Grahm's Faith In The Film Signs

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His faith was tested In the film Signs the four main characters had to go through a difficult alien invasion where their crops were made into crop circles. Grahm had to do what he could to keep his family safe. The director had a strong message he wanted to present and that was a message to god and the signs that lead the story to the biggest point in the film also known as the climax. In the film there was four main characters that you saw all throughout the film. The first main character was Grahm. He was the father and his faith was tested in the end of the film. Then we have Grahm’s brother and uncle to the two children. He was known for his batting in baseball with his special bat that he has on the wall. We also have the son named Morgan who was very…show more content…
The major point of the film was to test Grahm’s faith and that’s exactly what was done in the end of the film. It all started when Grahm and Merrill saw the alien holding Morgan and Bo screamed. Right there was when Grahm went into a flashback of talking to his wife for the last time. Some of the things she said was “tell Morgan to play”, “tell Bo to listen to her brother”, “tell Merrill to swing away” and “tell Grahm to see”. After that is when he realizes he has to do something, so he looks around the room and notices the bat with 507 feet with swung away. He knew it felt wrong not to swing and then the alien sprays gas onto Morgan but he is unaffected due to his asthma and his lungs closed. Ever since birth Bo plants water bombs around the house and does not drink them because she claims they don’t taste right and use them to keep the monsters away. That’s when the water spills over on the alien and it starts to die off. All of the signs in the film were from god to Grahm. After this was all over it proved that his faith was tested and his family had survived and damage in his house went back to

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