Gothic Elements In The Movie The Sixth Sense

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Many movies nowadays can be viewed as being somewhat gothic romantic. One of these would be the movie The Sixth Sense in which we follow the life of Cole who is somewhat of an outcast by his abilities to see and communicate with the dead. Throughout the movie we see him seeing and talking to the dead and giving their family members peace. Growing more isolated from his mother and distrustful of his peers in school, Cole soon comes across child psychologist Dr. Crow who tries to help Cole overcome his sixths sense. To make a piece of work gothic it has to include some keys elements like eerie settings, suspension, and supernatural occurrences to keep the audience on edge. The Sixth Sense does an awesome job of conveying these key elements.…show more content…
This movies does both of these. During the birthday scene, we see Cole go up a long spiraling staircase to inspect the sound coming from up above in the tiny closet. Suspension is built through the mystery of what’s behind the door and Coles, what seems like forever, walk up the stairs. He is ultimately locked in there by bullies from school adding the horror of being confined to a small space. Often the plot itself is built around a mystery. Two main mysteries can be found in this movie; will Cole ever be able to live a normal life and will Dr. Crow resolve his marital issues. Right from the start see that Cole is considered a weirdo by his peers. He doesn’t believe Dr. Crow will be able to help him and we as the viewers have little faith because the psychologist was not able to help the guy in the beginning of the movie. Dr. Crow’s mystery revolves around him and his wife. Dr. Crow’s wife is seen ignoring him throughout the movie which puts him on edge because he cares for his wife. The mystery is, why exactly is him wife ignoring him? The mystery and suspension help make the Sixth Sense gothic romantic this movie revolves around Cole and his supernatural ability to communicate with the dead. His sixth sense could be viewed as an element of The Sixth Sense being a gothic romantic piece of work. Since Cole is so young, it’s easy to imagine the

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