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Superstars of Geography Marine geography doesn’t sound too interesting to some. To others, it may sound a bit intriguing. However, to Jacques Cousteau and Eugenie Clark, it sounds absolutely exhilarating. These two marine biologists and geographers revolutionized the way people look at marine life. Though done at separate times, they each made an enormous change in the marine world. Jacques Cousteau was born on June 11, 1910 in the city of Saint-André-de-Cubzac, France, he lived 87 years. In those 87 years, he accomplished many things. For example, he invented the aqualung and underwater homes that he branded “Conshelf stations.” Adding onto that, he created a 12-hour series called “The Undersea Odyssey of Calypso,” wrote a book (which sold over 500,000 copies) called “The Silent World,” made a film called “The World of Silence,” made 100 documentaries (10 of which have won an Emmy,) and became a spokesperson for environmental issues all…show more content…
For one, Cousteau invented many things including the aqualung and Conshelf stations (Saari, P., & Baker, D, 1998, p. 282-286). Clark discovered many new things about sharks and different species of fish and did not invent anything (Ellavich, M., 2006). Another difference is that Cousteau did not have a specific field of study, instead he studied all marine life (Abdullah, M., 2011). However, Clark was an ichthyologist and specialized in different species of fish, including sharks. (Ellavich, M., 2006). Finally, one last difference is that Cousteau had a hardship to overcome in order to spark his passion for the field of marine biology/geography (Abdullah, M., 2011). Clark didn’t really have one (“Eugenie clark, the ‘shark lady’”, 2015). Cousteau had to overcome acute enteritis to be able to actually swim. (Abdullah, M., 2011). Clark simply got her passion through interest and curiosity (“Eugenie clark, the ‘shark lady’”,

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