Hills Like White Elephant Symbolism Essay

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Authors have used symbolism throughout history to invoke the specific feeling that they are attempting to portray through their words. Symbolism can invoke any human emotion possible. Some authors are expert at this technique, and others no so much. However, there is no denial that when used correctly the results can impact the story. Hemingway is one legendary author that has mastered the art of symbolism. Throughout his short story “hills like white elephants” there are various symbols. The hills, the felt coasters, and the bamboo divider on the door frame are all symbols that I as the reader have picked up on. When most people mention felt coasters they don't mean much then a mat under your drink to prevent the table from getting ruined. Hemingway gave the felt coaster a whole new meaning when he allowed it to be a symbol of separation. Separation was not only found in the felt coasters but also in the bamboo dividers placed in the door frame to separate the two rooms. For the man and woman in this story these symbols play a big role in their lives. With the separation of ideas on the…show more content…
The elephant represents wildlife, a life that Jig and the man choose to live. The mountians represent stability. When the two are talking about the hills like white elephants it is a symbol that the man does not want to leave his elephant like wild life and become a stable mountain and he thinks that having this baby will do that to him. Jig on the other hand believes that they can still have this life with the baby and that the baby will just conform to their wild life. The elephant is also a symbol for the commonly used saying “avoiding the elephant in the room”. Jig doesn't see this pregnancy as unwanted but when she has to talk to the man about it she tries to switch the subject. In that example the elephant is the fact that is is pregnant but avoids talking about it at all

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