Personal Narrative: I Had To Move Outside Your Comfort Zone

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Everyone always says that you should step outside your comfort zone because it's supposed to help you learn and grow. For some reason I always imagined this as going through a significant change; graduating high school, getting my first job, or moving out to live on my own. But when I was 16 and I had to fly alone for the first time, I realized that sometimes the simple things can have the biggest impact. I used to avoid situations that made me feel uncomfortable. This often made me miss out on certain opportunities, but it never bothered me. I didn't mind because my fear of the unknown outweighed the benefit of experiencing something new. This changed when I was 16 and my dad booked me a flight to England so I could visit him. I had been on a plane before on multiple occasions and it never struck me as nerve wracking. It was almost enjoyable; waking up early in the morning, arriving at the airport hours before you really need to be there, and going through security numerous times, but that's besides the point. The problem was I had to fly alone.…show more content…
Although I knew this, it was the first time I found myself in this predicament. I always thought things through ahead of time so I could avoid any potential problems, but in this case there was nothing I could do. I read my itinerary a thousand times, memorizing even the most insignificant details. As the dreaded day crept closer, I kept contemplating all the things that could go wrong. Despite my desperate desire for time to slow down, it wouldn't. Life waits for no one, and neither does the plane. When the day finally arrived, I scurried around nervously trying not to forget anything but knowing it was inevitable. I tried to convince myself that purposely missing my flight wasn't an

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