Compare And Contrast Egypt And Huanghe Valley Civilization

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Many people lump early civilizations together in one category and assume that they are all the same. This is a flawed mindset and neglects each civilization's unique characteristics that set them apart. While it is not untrue that many of these civilizations overlap with some similarities, these societies have developed their own political values, technical advances, religious viewpoints and gender roles. Egypt and the Huanghe Valley civilizations both had significant differences, yet had coincidentally discovered to function in similar ways. Egyptian culture, despite having survived in a similar environment to the Huanghe Valley civilization, experienced different events and dealt with them according to the ways their people and society had…show more content…
Common among the people of the Huanghe Valley was belief in Daoism and practice in Confucianism. These people carved mythical creatures such as dragons and sacred birds into art and sculptures that were kept within the household. Taken very seriously, society function because of the Confucian idea that those in power would treat the oppressed fairly and the oppressed would cooperate. In addition to applying the learnings of these two ideas to everyday life, families often present physical offerings to their many gods in their house and told stories with recurring themes of Daoism. Belief in an afterlife with spirits and demons was not selective to the Huanghe Valley. Egyptian religion honored multiple gods as well and attributed them to influencing nature and everyday life. Egyptian people lived for the afterlife. Pharaohs especially ordered tombs to be built decades before their death, and filled them with treasures, gold, and family members. Art was put all around these tombs as belief in the afterlife made people want to be surrounded by beautiful things once they made it to the

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