Girl With A Pearl Earring Essay

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We believe that when making life changing decisions, they only affect ourselves, but we become aware that the decisions we often make affect everyone, including our loved ones. In this case, in the novel Girl With a Pearl Earring, written by Tracy Chevalier, we distinguish that one life changing decision not only affects the protagonist, Griet, but also her parents and her siblings. Griet, a sixteen-year old girl living with her family in Delft in 1664, in forced to become a maid because of her father’s accident. This causes Griet to move out of her home and live with her new master, Vermeer, where she’ll live and be their maid. Since the accident and Griet’s employment in the Vermeer household, things drastically change. Each individual change including, Griet and her family members.…show more content…
The sacrifice of Griet moving out have a huge impact differently on her mother, father, and sibling, but it needs to be done in order to keep the family and provide food. Griet’s family starts off in a struggle, which leads to other events such as Griet being employed as maid which causes Griet to leave her house. Eventually how her family reacts to Griet’s absence at home, how Griet changed her manner, how Griet met a lover named Pieter, and how everyone is handling the situation of Griet’s absence. A lot of weight was pushed down on Griet due to one accident, thus causing pressure to her and causing changes and ethnic views due to her absence from her home and the beginning of a new “home”, where she works. So today, we will discuss the causes of this and how it affected every one of Griet’s family and friends and how whether these effects on those around her were beneficial because although people were hurt, such as her father’s injury, and her sister’s death, in the end, Griet ended up

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