Gilgamesh Vs Beowulf Research Paper

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What about Fantasy? Is it only rooted in the past? I believe that fantasy is not just rooted in the past it can also be in the present and the future too. For example Harry Potter is a fantasy that takes place in modern times. Most people debate about the exact time frame that it takes place but its is around the 1990's and early 2000's and even the movie Thor is a mix of Norse Mythology and fantasy that takes place in modern times. A more futuristic fantasy is Doctor Who, over the years it has gone from science fiction to a show that seems to be more fantasy involved than science fiction but it is still amazing to watch. What are common mythological elements in the epics you have read? Some common mythological elements in that appeared in these epics were the main character was a hero, brave, god/goddess like, suffer a tragedy or loss and inhuman abilities. Some of the epics occured on earth and some appeared to take place in astral plane or where the gods live.…show more content…
Gilgamesh and Beowulf both possess characteristics that make them epic heros. Beowulf is made out to be an epic hero who fights for his people and others so he can being peace and justice to wherever he goes. Some traits that he has that makes him an epic hero is his extrodinary strenght, putting the welfare of others ahead of himself and his lack of fear toward death. Beowulf has proven himself as a hero through his countless battles and victories against impossible foes like Grendel who he defeated with his bare

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