Persuasive Essay: Why I Needed For A Scholarship

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I am certain that La Salle’s Office of Admission receives a lot of scholarship requests and you are already familiar with almost all of the reasons as to why people ask for them. However, I believe that I should be granted a scholarship and this is the reason why. I applied for the scholarship because I truly want to help my father out. He has been spending his time working day and night. He even works on weekends and holidays just to provide for my family’s needs. At times, my father stays at his workplace overnight in order to save on transportation costs. He saves all the money he can despite his working conditions, and yet I have never heard a single complaint from him about his work. My father used to work as a photographer. However, due to the tragedy of Typhoon Ondoy, he lost all of his equipment which made him start from scratch. Getting a new job for him was not easy because he was not able to…show more content…
Currently, he has been experiencing eye problems, which could have been caused by diabetes. I decided to apply for a scholarship without him knowing because I did not want to get his hopes up. When I received an email informing me that I had an interview, I was thrilled to tell him about the good news. I told him that I had a chance in getting a scholarship, and that made him extremely joyous. Upon hearing this, he told me, “Don’t pressure yourself, it’s my responsibility to give you a good education. I don’t really mind working hard. If you get it, that would be great, and we should thank God! If you don’t get it, we will find ways and I know that God will provide.” It is touching to have such a God-fearing dad such as him, but I believe he does not deserve the extra hours at work. After going through such a hectic road and nearing the age of 50, I believe he deserves to spend more time with his family rather than staying at his office past

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