Gertie By Donald Crafton: A Brief Analysis

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The genesis theme basically means “the exhilarating sensation that life somehow being created before the spectator's eyes arises to greater and lesser extents from all animation, and perhaps constitutes its cinematic reason for being” according to Donald Crafton. As a matter of fact in early animation, animators think of themselves as giver of life because they can give life to things that could never exist in real life. According to the lecture slide, Winsor McCay was never involved in film business full time. He represents himself as a modern technician by being able to put together a “complex apparatus of animation.” Based on the article of “The Making and Re-making of Winsor McCay’s Gertie” by Crafton, it was mentioned that Gertie the Dinosaur was a…show more content…
McCay bets with McManus that he could bring the dinosaurs alive again by a number of hand drawn cartoons. It took McCay six month to complete his drawings with the number of ten thousands worth of cartoon to make the dinosaurs come alive. I didn't mention earlier what the bet was. The bet was, McManus had to buy dinner for McCay and his friend if he succeeded in bringing the dinosaurs alive. During the dinner, not knowing who was going to buy, McCay presented his version of how a dinosaur would look like in real life. McCay tells his friends that the name of the dinosaur is Gertie and Gertie would do everything McCay ask her to do. This is where the genesis theme is being applied. McCay finally managed to bring life to a dinosaur after six months of hard work. When McCay gives its first command, “Come out, Gertie and make a pretty bow,” Gertie at first hesitates because it was shy but later comes out and shallows a rock and eats a tree. Instead of making a bow, it moves its left and right feet like Gertie is dancing. McCay then insisted Gerties to be “a good girl and take a bow to the audience,” and Gertie

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