Gatekeeper In Corporate Governance

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The term of gatekeeper can be defined as a professional officer or a service provider of a company who verify the responsibility and the trustworthiness of the businesses of a company. Hence, a company secretary was considered as a main gatekeeper of the legal and board affairs of a body corporate. Since corporate governance practice is such a complex matters and not everyone can handle and control over such kind of matter. Company secretaries act as the gatekeepers to enhance standard of corporate governance in a body corporate. This is recognized in the FRC Guidance on Board Effectiveness and the UK Code of Corporate Governance (Deloitte, 2017). However, the board of director frequently rely on the company secretaries and the professionals…show more content…
With the reference of MCCG 2017, company secretary play a significant role in carrying out the instruction and offering services to the board of director on corporate governance practices and assistance to confirm that the corporation and the board are followed and regularly with the best governance practices of its statutory obligations under any related laws and regulations of the corporation (Armstrong. P, n.d). Besides that, company secretary is assigned by the board of director which is available to provide guidance and advice within the corporation on matters of business ethics, corporate governance practices and requirements. It is to ensure that the directors are remain committed to the highest standard of corporate governance. Company secretary has adopted the guidance 1.4 which to monitor the global developments on corporate governance and help the board of director in applying governance practices to meet the board’s requirements and all the stakeholder expectation (Armstrong. P, n.d). This would enable to retain an extraordinary standard of corporate governance under Principle A guidance…show more content…
With the references of the MCCG 2017, the company secretary act as a bridge communicate between the directors and the stakeholders, such as shareholders, employees and the management of an organization which to engage on corporate governance issues, and for the purpose to build a good relationship with the shareholders (Deloitte, 2017). In Principle A, guidance 1.4, MCCG 2017 prove that the role and the responsibility of a company secretary must monitor of the vital development in corporate governance and compliance with the matters, give advice and update to directors of these improvements before, during and after board meeting. However, the directors rely on the corporate secretary to provide the best advice and guidance on the governance issues before decisions are making during meetings, under Companies Act 2016. Thus, corporate secretary require to prepare and arrange the agenda, record minutes and other documents for all the meetings of the board and committee, so that to confirm the presentation of high quality information in advance of the meetings under the guidance 1.4, which is for the corporate secretary function effectively and in accordance with the terms of reference and the best practice in corporate governance (Deloitte,

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