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Alhambra Palace demonstrates its musical and cultural impact through its prevalence in music throughout the centuries as its construction began in the 9th century and it is still used today. However, it is the Palace of the Lions, constructed in the late 14th Century in the heart of Alhambra Palace that suggests the role music played in its design. Judging by the acoustics of the Hall of the Two Sisters and the Hall of Abencerrajes in the Palace of the Lions, musical events occurred in the two halls. The palace stills plays a role in culture today. For example, since 1952, Alhambra Palace has been the main venue for the International Festival of Music and Dance which celebrates many styles and genres. The music created during the construction of Alhambra Palace was heavily influenced by…show more content…
At this time, new poetic forms developed, including nawbahs. Nawbahs were a form of poetry that involved songs and instrumental music and were usually filled with symbolic and cosmological significance. The use of melody and rhythm connected poetry and music. This form of poetry played a significant role in Islamic cultures because, despite the expulsion of Muslims from Spain in 1492, the nawbah tradition survived. Many of the walls of Alhambra Palace have poems by three poets of the Court of Granada, Ibn al-Yayyab, Ibn al-Jatib and Ibn Zamrak, written on them. That demonstrates the important role poetry and music had on the Spanish-Islamic culture. For example, poems can be found in the Hall of Two Sisters and the Tower of the Captive. The acoustics and poems on the walls of the Hall of Two Sisters further reinforces the strong connection between poetry, music and Islamic culture. Many of the instruments played in the halls of Alhambra Palace in its first few centuries still exist today or were earlier forms of instruments which soon developed. These instruments include the lute, naker and lyra, later known as the rebec. The lute and naker are both instruments of

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