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Royal Caribbean Organizational Ethics Founded in Norway in 1969 and headquartered in Miami, Florida in the United States, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd has grown to become one of the leading luxury cruise lines in the world, owning some of the most magnificent and largest sea vessels ever built. It offers celebrity cruises, family cruises, and tourist cruise services to a variety of destinations. As with any business entity, Royal Caribbean faces ethical issues that have an impact on the overall functioning of the company. These are also closely linked to legal matters. The focus of this paper will be on how ethical principles can address organizational issues and the company chosen in pursuit of this focus is Royal Caribbean. The legal implications…show more content…
Corporates work hard to build good reputations if only just to stay afloat. However, these social opinions and pressures can have a profound effect on the ethics of a business, especially where they lead to an entity working more towards a good social standing than towards its organizational ethical code of conduct. At Royal Caribbean, the ethics are structured in accordance with customer preferences as well as good business practice to protect all parties it deals with. Within the company, there is the combined application of both a code of ethics and company policies2. The code of ethics at Royal Caribbean is updated periodically to stay in touch with the ever-changing business landscape, which is another role of external social pressure. External social forces have the task of ensuring they lean on the company just enough to keep it on its toes. Without such forces, the company would become complacent, diminishing the quality of its services. Furthermore, it would not deem it necessary to review its ethics as has been…show more content…
An excellent reputation attracts positive social review and therefore, the company sits in a better position to attract qualified personnel from far and wide. The effect can also be indirect, such as those above self-drive to review and improve, which the social pressure draws. However, where the pressure leans more on the negative, it can take a mental toll on the employees since they will be under constant pressure to overachieve. Moreover, the organizational ethics are at constant risk of being ruined through engaging in bribery or corruption to build a good name. Due to this, Royal Caribbean categorically states in its ethical guideline that it recognizes this risk and acts against corruption and

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