11 Disney Movies You Didn T Know Were Racist Summary

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Disney cartoon movies have ways to teaching children inadvertently that some cultures are lower than other cultures. As children, you would never notice because you're not paying attention to the real picture but the moral of the story. Once you're older and look back at the hidden clues, you can see how racist and sexist you never thought Disney movies were. The author, Leo give us ideas in his article, “11 Disney Movies You Didn’t Know Were Racist” on how exactly Disney movies are racist. Leo, shows there are plenty sexist movies that Disney has put out to the world. The movie Snow White, is about a girl who get lost and depends on dwarfs (guys) to take care of her. It shows how racist it is throughout the story. It exposes that women are most best at singing, cleaning, cooking, and singing while you do it. All the Disney princess' are skinny with long hair, hour glass bodies, big eyes, and long eyelashes. It makes our children today believe this is what beautiful…show more content…
Peter pan for example has one scene where it shows the cultural difference between Americans and Native Americans. Making it seem like Native Americans are below Americans because they could barely speak English. You knew they were supposed to be Native because the characters were drawn as light bright red faces with feathers as headbands and they ran around in circles making “whooping” sounds. The author also shows that Disney movies can also include their racial inputs by inserting them in songs. Most people don’t ACTUALLY listen to the song lyrics or what the message is saying. In the movie, Aladin, they show their views on Middle Eastern people. The opening song to the movie started off with “Arabian nights”. If you listen to the song, it has lyrics that say: “Oh, I come from a land/From a faraway place/Where the caravan camels roam./ Where they cut off your ear/ If they don’t like your face/It’s barbaric, but hey its

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