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The novel Cider House Rules by John Irving, takes place during the early nineteen- hundreds, in St. Cloud, Maine. Homer Wells, the protagonist of the novel, is an orphan trying to find his place in the world. Having no luck with foster homes or being adopted, he eventually decides that he truly belongs at St. Cloud’s Orphanage. Dr. Larch, the doctor at the orphanage, teaches Homer how to become an obstetrician and teaches him how to perform abortions. Larch soon comes to love Homer as his own son and he hopes Homer will take after him and become a doctor. However, Homer does not think abortion right, and does not know if he wants to be a doctor. He leaves St. Cloud’s for many years, managing an apple orchard and becoming a father. Later in the novel Homer returns to St. Cloud’s after Larch dies, to take his place as the doctor and to perform abortions. Homer, the protagonist, is a person who never gets to make his own decisions or choices and someone who people take…show more content…
“To the pregnant woman, and to her unwanted child, Homer said, ‘Don’t worry. Everyone is nice here.’”(21). When Homer was at St. Cloud’s he could not make any decisions for himself or make choices there. “What Wilbur Larch was thinking of, regarding ‘options,’ was that Homer Wells had no choice concerning either his apprenticeship or Melony.” (114). Homer being at St. Cloud’s limited the people he could date so he had to pick Melony, and Homer not going to a proper school and not being able to get the proper education he had to be taught obstetrics. Homer is also somewhat optimistic. “‘What if I want you to marry me, and to have the baby?’ Homer asked” (406). Homer is being optimistic that everything will be all right by marrying Candy, even though Candy is still in love with Wally. After Homer left St. Cloud’s he found he was having to make more decisions than he did before, so Homer actually did what he wanted to do and stated what he

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