Importance Of Chartered Accountancy

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Topic: Why Presentation and Communication Skills are important for Chartered Accountancy Students Degree: PGD in ELT University of the Punjab English Department Lahore, Pakistan Submitted to Ms. Samina Nazar Submitted by: Saima Mukhtar Roll #29 3. Research Methodology The researcher would identify the problem of chartered accountancy students that Why Communication Skills are important for Chartered Accountancy Students. The researcher is going to discuss in chapter 3.1 about the design and mixed method will be used to test their ability. He would select Chartered Accountancy students as population sampling then define the techniques and tools in 3.3 to identify the problem…show more content…
Students will be gathered in the auditorium and all participants name will be written on the slips. First there will be 500 students then they will get the questionnaire and lastly they will be be interviewed. The teacher will scrutinize for different badges that will help them and they could be able to perform well. Questionnaires will be quite simple. Usually yes/No questions will be asked. Why you want to be a chartered accountant? What would be your second profession if not Chartered Accountant? What are your salary expectations? These type of questions will be asked in the interview. Mostly students come by chance. Those who do not get admission in engineering or medical. 3.4-Data Collecting…show more content…
They are high achievers but the instituition head knows the importance of presentation and communication skills. They will plan their modules accordingly. They select students first through random selection. All the students get schance to be selected for the programme. Once the selection will be done then questionnaire will be given to the students to check their ability. The trainer plan activities according to their level.An online questionnaire is uploaded and students will be asked to fill that up and submit. This will make sure that every student filled that up.The participants who were succeeded contacted through a phone call for the interview. These members will be scrutinized for further activities such as presentations and group discussions.There are manuscrips, short, long presentation, extempore speeches and writing skill classes. Students will get the opportuninty to present their topics and they will get briefing on non verbal communications too. Every student will be called on stage and deliver their speeches. There are different teachers for different skills. In the end of the programme students will be called for their mock interview for the compay where they have to sell their knowledge and justify their skills. In this way they will

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