Rivalry Between Phineas And Gene

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One was handsome, taunting, daredevil athlete and the other a lonely, introverted intellectual. Though they were completely different, Phineas and Gene were best friends. They met at Devon school during World War II. Since they were roommates, they grew close during the summer. But there was always a rivalry between the two. They created a group called Suicide Society. They had daily meetings that began with them jumping from a tree into a lake. Until Phineas broke his leg. Gene was mad at Phineas because he thought Phineas was jealous of his brain and grades. One day when Gene was studying, Phineas came and asked if he wanted to go jump from the tree. Gene had a feeling Phineas was trying to take him away from his studies so he doesn’t do…show more content…
The members were Brinker, Leper, Phineas and Gene. They had daily meetings that started with Gene and Finny jumping from the tree. Finny had the idea when Gene and himself first jumped out of the tree. “We’ll form a suicide society and the membership requirement is one jump out of this tree.” (24). The group lasted until Phineas fell off the tree. Then, each member took different paths. Leper went to war and when he got back he was different. Gene tried to help him, but Leper wouldn’t stop talking about what happened at the war until Gene couldn’t take it anymore. He left Leper talking to the wind. “I didn’t care because it had nothing to do with me” (143). This shows how the members of the Suicide Society were in the group together, but they weren’t friends. They didn’t care about each other. Another example is in court, where Brinker accused Gene of making Phineas fall. “‘Have you ever thought that you didn’t just fall out of that tree?’ Brinker asked Finny” (161). Brinker, who was supposed to be friends of Gene, was accusing him. He was trying to turn Gene’s best and last friend, Phineas, against him. Gene didn’t know that Leper and Brinker weren’t his friends until Leper came back from war. That made Gene more insecure and the only person he had on his side was Phineas, making his death even

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