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Courage is a trait that makes individuals different from each other. Courage as well as bravery might be seen in The Kite Runner, a film directed by Marc Forster in 2007. The main characters from beginning to end of the movie shows bravery to protect people they love or personal values they have. The characters show genuine brave despite the fact that they might get physically hurt. Unfortunately, courage always comes with the risk. First of all, the main characters show courage to protect each other from being hurt. For example, when Assef, a Kabul bully, together with his friends attempts to beat Amir and Hassan, Hassan shows courage and defends his best friend, even though Hassan is physically weaker and smaller than bullies. As a result, both friends were able to het home without any injuries. Another example, which shows that in this movie were brave characters, was…show more content…
During movie Hassan remains loyal to his best friend Amir despite of any problems occur. For example, when Assef wants the kite that Hassan caught Hassan do not give it to him, because he promised to give that kite for Amir. Hassan was reped by Assef for his courage action. Furthermore, when Hassan became an adult, he was fearless to protect his loyalty to Rahim Kahn, old his father‘s friend. When Rahim went to Pakistan he asked Hassan to watch over his apartment and so he did it. However, the Taliban‘s people came to Rahim‘s house and claimed it. The Talibs ordered him to get his family out of the apartment by sundown or they will kill his family. Hassan bravely protested it so, they took him to the street and shot him in the back off the head. Hassan stood up to the Taliban, sacrificing his life to guard the home he promised to take care of for Rahim Kahn. In my mind, these examples show that Hassan is the bravest character of the movie, because no matter what he always protects people he loves and his personal

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