Mrs. Cersei Lannister Case

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Anyone is innocent until proven guilty. It is a tragedy what Mrs. Cersei Lannister must go through. Grieving over the loss of her dead husband. Mrs. Lannister did not kill her husband for many reasons. Although, her and her husband had a quarrel during that evening, just like any other married couple, she did not commit a crime, because there is no evidence she is guilty, and many ways he could slip and fall due to intoxication. Evidence is one of the main components in a case to prove someone is guilty. Evidence that was only stated was that King Robert had a wound on his head and he was drunk. As a rule, if there is not enough proof to determine cause of death, there is no evidence in this case; since the autopsy only reports a wound and he was drunk (something many adults could figure out he is drunk), it can be concluded that Mrs. Lannister is innocent due to lack of evidence. The autopsy report does not state what cause the wound on his head, King Robert cause of death, and how drunk he was. The autopsy report provides evidence that a 17-year-old high school senior could provide. Meaning that King Robert had no cause of death and Mrs. Lannister is innocent and can not be proven guilty.…show more content…
Autopsy recorded that King Robert was drunk. As a rule, when a person is drunk, they will lose most of their balance; since the picture illustrates that he is laying flat on his back on the floor, it can be concluded that he fell trying to go up the stairs. As Mrs., Lannister states, “Robert slipped and fell on the stairs. He was coming down for another drink…”. King Robert probably got his drink or did not to avoid his wife who was downstairs cooking, as the doorbell rang while he was trying to climb up the stairs he lost his balance and fell backwards. Meaning that Mrs. Lannister did not kill her husband, it was an accident her husband committed because he was

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