Frank Trippett

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We all love to live in a society where everyone is following the law and the crime rate is low as floor. A society where there is no fighting, everything is impeccable, a flawless world where nothing ever turns out badly. I agree with Frank Trippett statement that “you are fool if you obey the law”, because us Americans are so used to break laws and we don’t even feel bad about it. It’s getting our habit, things are getting worse day by day in our society. Kids mostly in there adolescent years get so influenced by the society, because the rely on others for their questions even though they know what’s right and what’s wrong. Being a teenager is the most memorial and toughest thing that everyone goes through in life. Breaking law is becoming a thing for teenagers. Its reasonable that individuals in todays society need to have a ton of fun, and they need to party on occasion, however in the meantime, a lot of celebrating can prompt undesirable and devestating outcomes that shouldn't need to be in any case. Overstepping the law, and breaking the tenets can give you a harder result than delight.…show more content…
Teenagers today find it cool when they’re speeding, jaywalking, trespassing and they believe there is nothing wrong with breaking those minor laws. I totally agree with him and also think there should be consequences and punishment when someone breaks even a minor law because when they break law someone might get hurt. For example people can get hurt by jaywalking and also by not taking a complete stop at stop sign. No one knows how much someone can get hurt by breaking even those small/minor
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