Charlemagne Vs Roman Empire Essay

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The title of an emperor is applied to the one who has power over large territories. The king, in turn, is the term used for one who rules over well-defined areas, and its power is passed to his heirs. However, these criteria are not always valid. William the conqueror and Charlemagne were two strong leaders that ruled over many empires and who conquered many things that made them one of the most important and famous rulers in Europe, that to this day many still study their techniques and conquests. The Carolingian Empire (also known as the Empire of Charlemagne), empire established by the Carolingian dynasty, which was its largest representative Charlemagne (742-814). The dynasty occupied much of the central region of Europe, the medieval state of the embryo which now is France. With the disintegration of the Roman Empire and the organization of feudal society, numerous kingdoms were formed. Franco's reign, formed in Gaul was the most enduring of these new territories. Ali, the Carolingian dynasty succeeded the Merovingian dynasty in 751. Founded by Pepin the Short, who was the mayor of the palace and who that…show more content…
The system remained the preservation of Greco-Roman culture and invested in schools, the development of arts, and the creation of a new monetary system. This period became known as the Carolingian Renaissance. Maintaining knowledge of the greek and roman traditions was the main goal of education reform of the empire of Charlemagne. The schools worked together to monasteries, to bishoprics or the courts where they were taught the seven liberal arts. The Carolingian art was strongly influenced by Greek, Roman and Byzantine cultures. In the conquered regions, Charlemagne built fortresses and churches around the villages. Being a Christian, Charlemagne forced the conquered people to convert to

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