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Frank Abagnale is one of the greatest imposters and stratagems ever. He is an American 66-year-old man currently working for the FBI, catching other imposters and solving financial frauds. So he was a bad guy, but then switched the sides? Frank already had a tendency to falsify things when he was just a teenager. In fact, his first victim was his own father! Frank used his father’s credit card to buy certain products related to cars form gas stations, and then exchanged them back to money. After this scam, his father got a bill of $3.400. “What I did in my youth is hunderds of times easier today. Technology breeds crime” – Frank Abagnale, Jr. (Source: At the age of 16 Frank wanted to fly accross the world, but there was…show more content…
He obviously faked his Harvard University law transcript so he could get a good job in no time. He then got a job with a little help from his girlfriend’s friend who was a lawyer. When Frank worked as a doctor and lawyer he lived quite a normal life. He was not afraid of getting caught all the time, like when he was a pilot. “Nothing last’s forever, even cold november rain”. Air France attendant who Frank used to date noticed him in France and called the cops. Frank was finally caught in 1969 after 5 years of impersonating and faking checks, at the age of 21. Spending 6 months in a French prison, he was then sent to Sweden because he violated laws in many European countries. From Sweden he was supposed to be sent to Italy, but according to Swedish laws they can’t dispatch anyone without a passport and since Frank had no passport, he was sent back to U.S.A. When Frank’s flight was taxing in JFK’s International Airport, Frank managed to escape from the plane possibly via toilet. Then he headed to Canada, Montreal but got busted just after crossing the border and canadian police officers returned him to american border patrol, from there his journey ended to

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