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Foxglove(Digitalis purpurea Lanata ) Morphology of the plant : The Foxglove is a plant that has a very short life it can live up to 2 seasons which means it lives for 2 years . In the first year only rosettes grows while in the second year the flowering steam and seed grow. It usually grows in slightly acidic ,little soil and only in colder regions , where it is manmade as it doesn't occur naturally in places .It is mostly found in North America .It's an extremely poisonous plant which is why over the years it has been named into various name example : Witch's glove , Dead man's bells . The Foxglove is composed of different parts for instance the Fruit, the Flower and the stem , shoot , branch. The foxglove produces…show more content…
General mechanism of the digoixin : Taking the proper dosage of digoxin then after it by 8-12 hours this is the distribution phase where digoixin is distubuted to muscle tissue and to the placenta . at this phase the digoixin level in the tissue is not equal to the level taken in the drug . The second phase is the metabolism phase of the digoxin and then the third phase which is eliminating . In the case of congestive heart failure : Digoxin inhibits sodium/potassium ATPase in the outer membrane of the heart muscle (myocardium) and stops sodium from leaving the muscle , this causes the sodium/calcium exchange to slow down on pumping in sodium and removing calcium . Thus resulting in high concentration of sodium and calcium . The increase in calcium inside the myocardium make the heart to take longer time than usual in phase 0 and phase 4 , which causes an increase in the force(as the increase in calcium causes more force to be generated without the need of oxygen consumption) of myocardium contraction which increases the systolic time (duration of contraction) . Therefore the contraction is slower but has more strength and this allows the heart to pump more blood in every beat. Although this doesn't cure the patient and save from dying out of heart failure but it improves their health

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