Informative Speech On Diabetes Research Paper

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If you take a look at all the food you eat, you will notice that you're not taking care of yourself. The food we consume is too exaggerated in size and amount. Our bodies can only take so much glucose, sodium, cholesterol, etc. Sometimes all of these illnesses go into your blood and end up having consequences like prescribed pills or injection of insulin (Mayo Clinic Staff). This group of metabolic diseases is called Diabetes . If a person doesn't take care of himself, which is basically more than half of the United States, diabetes if 75% more common for them to get. ( Attig ) I'm going to talk to you about the types of diabetes and what should be done more often if you don't want to catch it and end up not being able to have a slice of cake ever again. Yes people, the sad truth. Diabetes is often referred to by doctors as Diabetes Mellitus, its detected when a person has high blood glucose, more than what's necessary for their physical size. This is what I meant when I mentioned you about what you eat. If somebody is overweight and keeps eating too much its most likely that they will get diabetes. They consume too much fat and sugar, or more known as carbohydrates ( Webb ), that all ends up turning into glucose in your blood. This…show more content…
They are not the same, and ima tell you why. Type 1 diabetes is when the body does not produce insulin. It actually still does, but very little and with this type of diabetes there is still a chance that you can control yourself back to proper function and energy of the body. Type 2 diabetes is when the body does not produce insulin at all and the body can't function right without it ( Attig ). For those who get this type, doctors don't prescribe pills anymore. You have to inject yourself insulin every morning and every night. In 2013 it was estimated that over 382 million people throughout the world have diabetes and 90% of all cases are type 2 ( Webb ). Its not looking any

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