Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho, Rear Window And Frenzy

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Alfred Hitchcock’s style of filmmaking is often referred to as "pure cinema"- to use the camera for visual mean and not dialogue. It was meant to get across the emotional impact and the feeling of a shot. His movies became very popular because of his use of pure cinema. It helped the viewers understand what was going on in the movie and instead of using a lot of dialogue he captured certain frames/aspects of scenes of the object or character especially in his movies Psycho, Rear WIndow and Frenzy. In doing so he easily helped the viewers make connections within the movie to understand what was going on. In the movie Physco there is the famous shower scene where Marian Crane played by Janet Leigh gets murdered by at first who is thought to be Norman Bates’ (Anthony Perkins) mother. Hitchcock uses pure cinema here because of the way she is getting killed. At first the whole scene is quite besides the…show more content…
The scene starts out with a close up of Babs and then right behind her is Rusk and then the camera zooms back to frame. This effect makes the scene creepy because of Rusk and his creepy smile while he is standing behind her. Also because the viewer knows who the killer is and it makes the viewer think what will happen next. Eventually they make it back to his apartment and he opens the door for her and walks in behind her and says “ I don’t know if you know Babs, but you are my type of girl” (Hitchcock, Psycho). The door closes and the camera backs back down the steps and leaves the building. Every single viewer knows what happen in the room, Rusk raped her and then strangler her with his tie. The use of this effect by Hitchcock and his cinematographer Gilbert Taylor lets the viewer imagine what happened in the room and allows the movie to not show another rape

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