Forensic Anthropology: Solving Murder Cases

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Did you know that anthropologist have recently been used to help solve numerous amounts of murder cases? Forensic anthropology is a recent developing field that has contributed to the FBI, CIA, and military by aiding and solving nearly impossible criminal cases. CW’s hit television series, Bones, explorer how anthropology has evolved through the process of applying science to the legal field. The show’s main character Temperance Brennen is a brilliant forensic anthropologist that works with the FBI by solving challenging cases. This television series Bones is an adequately portrayal of the forensic anthropology profession. CW introduced the television hit show Bones in 2005, which is an American crime comedy-drama series. The story line is…show more content…
Forensic anthropology is not a common occupation for anthropologist. Individuals who study anthropology normally focus their work toward the academic field. Statistic show there are less than 100 anthropologists certified from the American Board of Forensic Anthropology (Nafte). Forensic mean to specifically apply a certain field of science to aid criminal or civil cases (Nafte). Forensic anthropologists are scientists who are required to examine victim remains that are in advance stages of decomposing (Steward). The remains are unrecognizable and were decomposed, mutilated, or even burned. Through an excessive amount of knowledge these scientist hold, and close examination, forensic anthropologist are able to assess the identifying the remains sex, age, and ancestry (Steward). They also can determine if the person’s death was accidental, a homicide, or if they had a dieses prior to death or during. These science do not work alone, they often times have a team of other forensic scientist to aid them in their discoveries. Forensic pathologist and odontologist also contribute much of their knowledge to assist in the investigation (Steward). Though forensic anthropologists do not have the ability to confirm cause of death, their opinions from their own observations are taken into account by the pathologist. Since they work so closely with homicide investigators, forensic anthropologist are often times brought in to testify in court as expert witnesses. There have been many trial cases that won based on the information given by anthropologist. Forensic anthropologist relationships with investigators are becoming more known, as this field of science had been playing a key role in solving difficult

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