Ford Pinto: From Utilitarian Approach To Business Ethics

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Kristen Woolley MGMT 368 Dropbox week 3 6/20/15 Ford Pinto Case Study It has been noted that the Utilitarian Theory is one of the upmost important theories in business ethics. This theory deals with the morality of actions in relation to cost effectiveness. This is known as benefit analysis. A company must weigh harm, justice, honesty and rights. If a company knows that something is defective and potentially harm it's consumers, the company must weigh all costs of fixing the issue at hand and the cost of possibly harming someone. If no harm should be done, then is it moral to leave a problem we know exists? The big question is morality. Does the issue at hand go unacknowledged? Or do we fix it even if it can cause no harm? A…show more content…
I will analyze they way the utilitarian approach was used and explain the issues at hand. Many loopholes were used during this project and I will inspect the legality and ethical value of such loopholes. I will use the utilitarian approach in this scenario to analyze the benefits and costs involved. Many times companies will agree to save a few cents to not fix an issue at hand with a product, stating it is not worth the trouble or time to correct. They believe it will bring more good to the customer and company than bad. This is the ethical question at…show more content…
Proper protocol was taken and analysis was preformed. Ford made a decision. One I would make, probably not. It was unethical to cut the bottom line to make a car safe. I think if Ford could go back and make a more ethical decision, they would. This is why we now have more thorough testing and rating in present times. To protect the lives of potential consumers and prevent these cases we have now. Pinto was an unethical case. Considering everything given, it clearly shows that pain wins over pleasure and it was clearly unethical on Ford Motor's part to release a faulty

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