Argumentative Analysis Of Doritos During The Super Bowl

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Doritos, the tasteful nacho flavored chip, that almost every household loves always have one of the best commercials during the Super Bowl. For instance, “The Slap”, that aired in the 2010 Super Bowl and cost Frito Lay, the manufacture of Dortios, $2.5 - $2.8 million to produce, which is the Ethos. Since other companies also create such unique commercials every year for this event, Doritos must work that much harder to prepare them so they are more appealing. It’s essential to mold the perfect story, so that they are targeting the correct audience and create the ad with something they can relate to. The majority of the viewing audience is elementary students to middle age, predominately male football fans. Doritos did this perfectly by using the close-up camera angle on the boy dropping the game controller, his facial expression of “what the heck”, after he observe the man reaction to his mother as she walks away. Then the close up of the bowl of Doritos on the table, also after the man reaction, displays the boys protectiveness of his mother, video game and his Doritos, targeting the younger to teenage boys. The woman walking away focus on sexuality for the middle aged men, but also could aggravate some woman, which are not targeted.. This has set the targeted audience up for the relatable and familiar situation.…show more content…
The boy full emotion and some may say rage or disrespect comes when he says: “Keep your hands off my mama, and keep your hands off my Doritos”. Both, telling the man and the audience that there is no-way this man will be going out with my

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