David Callahan's The Cheating Culture

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One key point in The Cheating Culture is that cheating is common within many demographics and careers. By this, I mean that “everybody does it”, as is mentioned by the author, David Callahan, several times throughout the book. Everything from law to sports to academics and all that’s in between has seen cheating in some way or another. Cheating also happens in different settings because of this; it happens in schools, on the field, in offices, and more. Cheating has been going on forever, as Callahan points out in his book, but it is more common today. It happens in all places because of pressures from peers and family and the rest of society. This point is especially relevant today as a result of the increase in pressure. Another point in…show more content…
If that means cheating, then so be it. Callahan mentions this theme in the book several times. This occurs in people who are willing to compromise their integrity in place of being on top in their world. Lots of businesspeople participate in this aspect of cheating, as well as students and athletes. In the case of athletes, they are truly competing, but they often use steroids and doctors’ help to succeed in their sport. This happens also on Wall Street and in big corporations, as well as schools. As written by David Callahan, people are often exposed to the opportunity of cheating at an early age, meaning high school or even younger. I think this is relevant today because more and more, people are finding that their personal best isn’t the best in comparison to others around them and also, that they have options to do better. It’s important to push yourself and try to be the most successful, and competition is normal and healthy, but it needs to be stressed that these challenges don’t need to go as far as cheating, even if the result isn’t as impressive as that of a

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