Food Inc Documentary Analysis

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I am what one may call a carnivore, I eat meat everyday in almost every meal. Even when I eat salads I tend to add chicken to it. The main meat groups that I eat often include, beef, pork, chicken and seafood. These meats are easily found in the supermarkets and in fast food restaurants, adding to the likelihood of having meats in my meals. As a kid I would be too grossed out to go grocery shopping with my parents inside the raw meat section, that is where I started being distant from how my food is produced. I have always known there were some questionable things going on with the meat foodway but I have never looked into it. However, since the beginning of the fourth week of utmONE 110 I have begun to see things differently. The fourth week was called “The Global Food Industry”, the readings and film have completely opened my eyes to what has been going on behind the scenes of the meats foodway.…show more content…
there was a major E. coli breakout that happened in 2001 which took the life of a young child named Kevin (Food, Inc. 2008). I remember growing up and having seen news reports recalling many different meat products due to the possibility of the meats containing E. coli or some other bacteria. The film showed how the farms that are producing the meat are all major factories working like assembly lines. The conditions that the animals live in are horrible, cows and pigs are forced to stand in their own feces ankle deep and, are always overcrowded. The pigs were always dirty. Throughout the slaughterhouse the pigs were unable to be cleaned thoroughly because of the sheer multitude they had to slaughter. The pigs at the end of the process likely had traces of dirt and feces still on them. This causes disease as the meat is shipped around the world to people like

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