Obstacles In The Movie 'Just Keep Swimming'

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Swimming Through Obstacles The quote “Just keep swimming” reflects courage and ability to continue on. This quote was first introduced in the movie “Finding Nemo” by a fish named Dory. Dory talked about how when the going was tough “Just keep swimming”. Anne Frank lived by the quote “Just keep swimming” during the Holocaust when she was fighting to stay alive. In the Diary of Anne Frank it shows how Anne Frank strived and wanted to stay alive. Anne Frank lived in fear and in hiding. She kept a diary of how she faced each day like her last (Diary of Anne). She kept going even though it was tough and never gave up. Her and her family never knew when they would be caught while hiding. In an article written by James Ryan, it shows…show more content…
These planes destroyed the buildings and many families. The United States and the city of New York lived by the quote “Just keep swimming” by moving forward and taking action. 9/11 was a devastating time for many United States citizens, especially those in New York. In an article by Tom Mockaitis, it talks about when the U.S. suffered great loss and physical damage, the mayor of New York helped guide the city through the the difficult recovery ( Mockaitis). The mayor of New York took great action and helped the city move forward and recover from the devastating loss of loved ones.. Mockaitis also talks about how the U.S. government took responsibility to protect its country from future attacks. “Government leaders took steps to protect U.S. borders, to secure potential terrorist targets around the country, and to safeguard essential services and facilities” (Mockaitis). Without hesitation and with responsibility, the government pushed on from the tragedy and protected the U.S. The government never quit when times were tough, and took a stand to protect the citizens of the United States. In the article 9/11 Six Months Later, it talked about how it was time to move forward and clean up the aftermath of 9/11. “In the following weeks and months, the colossal job of cleaning up the World Trade Center got underway” (9/11 Six). The event, 9/11, shows that the people affected by this tragic event lived by this quote by moving on, rebuilding, and taking action to stop further

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