First Lesson In To Kill A Mockingbird

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To kill a mockingbird is about growing up. The main character is a girl named Scout Finch, who was about to turn 6 when the book begins and 8 when it ends. The book is about what she learns about people and about life over the course of those two years. The book takes place between 1933 and 1935 in Maycomb, Alabama. It’s a small sleepy town in the deep South. Scout’s father, Atticus, is a lawyer but they don’t have much money because his clients are poor. Scout lives with her father, her brother Jem, and her cook Calpurnia. Her mother is dead. During the summers, her friend named Dill comes to stay next door and he spends the summer playing with Scout and Jem. Scout basically learns four major lessons over the course of the book. She learns them partly from Atticus and partly from her own experience. 1. Put yourself in other people’s shoes The first lesson is that you don’t understand someone until you put yourself in their shoes. It takes a while to master this one. In the storyline for the first part of the book mostly shows her getting it wrong. Across the street from where Scout lives is the Radley House, the family that lives in it is very unsocial and the son, Arthur Radley, is a man in his thirties who hasn’t been seen outside many years. The children in the town refer to Arthur as ‘Boo Radley’ as if he were a ghost. They have this horrible picture of what he’s like that he eats rodents and cats that he…show more content…
Don’t kill mockingbirds The second important lesson in the book it that you don’t kill mockingbirds. This lesson has a literal meaning. When Atticus gives the kids air rifles, they are allowed to shoot out whatever birds they want, but not mockingbirds, because mockingbirds don’t eat anyone’s plants or harm anything. All they do is make music. Mockingbird has a metaphorical meaning, too. Anyone who is weak or defenseless. To kill a mockingbird in that sense is to take advantage of someone weaker than you. 3. Keep fighting even if you know you will
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