First Corinthian Dead In Toni Morrison's Song Of Solomon

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oni Morrison’s “Song of Solomon” is a coming of age novel following the protagonist, Macon “Milkman” Dead, whose identity is heavily involved with his name. He grows up in a society that is in poverty, including his best friend Guitar Bains and his aunt Pilate Dead, but his immediate family has wealth. Although the society he is born and raised in has adversities to overcome, the characters have many qualities that help them to stand out in their situations. "He closed his eyes and thought of the black men in Shalimar, Roanoke, Petersburg, Newport News, Danville, in the Blood bank, on Darling Street, in the pool hall, the barbershop. Their names. Names they got from yearnings, gestures, flaws, events, mistakes, weaknesses. Names that…show more content…
She was the sister of the protagonist, Macon "Milkman" Dead and first in her family to attend college. Her life growing up was easy due to simple fact that her family had money, but comes to find out that her education was useless in the work field and she still did not have a husband by the time she thought she would. She then finds a job as a maid where she works for a lady named Michael Mary Graham. When she gets this job she meets Henry Porter, her lover, and find freedom and independence in her new job earning her own money. The name First Corinthians derives from a testament in the Bible that relates to her life. The Bible testament First Corinthians follows an epistle named Paul. Biblical historian Carmen Gillespie says that there are many people to travel to the city of Corinth of various nationalities and experiences. It was a port city and had the reputation as a city where sexual conduct occurred often. The epistle Paul wanted to build a church in the city to to acquire sanctity and he was successful. This involves First Corinthians life due to the fact that her life was similar to that of the city of Corinth which was full of sin, depression, and sadness. When she acquired her job as maid for an intellectual boss and found a lover in Henry Porter this boosted her self esteem and encouraged her to be independent and free and escape the depressing nature of her

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