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Somewhere Between How does social location (social class, gender, race) play into these stories of adoption? In most Asian countries, people still prefer to have sons than daughters. Thus, since the one-child policy has been introduced in China, a majority of girls were abandoned by their parents due to this male offspring preference. This film shows how the social location, gender, has influenced the most on those adopted Chinese girls’ life. They ended up being adopted and still struggle with their identity because of their gender. Furthermore, most of those girls were adopted from orphanages. If the social class of their biological parents was higher than they actually are, they would not have to face those difficulties. Even thought they were raised by American parents, their racial identity is still Asian, which is why they have to explain others that they are adoptees. For example, Jenna, one of the adopted Chinese girls lives in New Hampshire, is the only Asian girl in the white town, as her mother pointed out. Jenna and Sara, her sister, once mentioned how easily they can realize that they are the only Asian in the town when going out, and how odd it is. If they are identified as caucasian as their adoptive parents, they may not have to explain others that they were adopted or may not be teased by others about having parents of…show more content…
Thus, this idea of blood ties is very deeply rooted in our society. When Haley went to get a haircut with her adoptive mother, a lady sit next to her was so curious about their relationship because of their different appearance, and it ended up telling her that Haley is an adoptee. As this example, people normally get curious about someone lack of blood ties like Haley, and this is why those adoptees tried to find their birth parents to be able to stop being affected by those

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