Psy 270 Week 6 Powerpoint

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• What is your status (activities and time)? o Planned – In weeks six through eight I will complete the following tasks.  I will meet with an attorney Todd Stonemen who has agreed to review the ADA Act and laws portion of the training manual.  I will complete the last two-thirds of the training manual in week six.  In week six I will continue to try and reach a person who specializes in accommodation measures.  In week six I will complete interview with three additional managers.  I will complete the PowerPoint presentation for the live presentation early in week seven.  I will complete the live presentation at 6PM on Sunday, October 11th.  After the presentation I will collect feedback forms. I will also ask the audience questions so…show more content…
o The manager interviews which I conducted were very successful. I learned a lot from the interviewees. In fact, I learned more than I thought I would. All of the people whom I have interviewed thus far were very candid. I found out that some employers have great policies and procedures to empower and retain employees with disabilities while other hardly have any as aide from those mandated by local and federal law. I also found out that none of the interview candidates knew that a person who experiences depression can be covered by ADA. This just shows how much more many employers need to train their managers. I believe that anyone who manages people will benefit from my training manual. o I have thus far been very successful in writing the training manual. The third which I have completed I felt would be the most difficult to write, so I am glad that’s out of the way! • Identify your failures during the last performance period? o The Survey Monkey survey about stereotypes was a failure. All of the answers which I received were the same. Everyone selected the most politically correct answers. I do not think I could have avoided this. It could be that I was not correct in my assumption that people hold negative stereotypes about people with disabilities or it could be that the people whom I surveyed were not comfortable admitting that they held negative stereotypes. Either was it was a

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