Celeana Sardothien

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My favorite character in this novel, is the very main character, Celeana Sardothien. One reason why I find this character to be my favorite, is because I believe she has a personality that keeps her from being a drab character. Against other character’s personalities, for instance Lady Kaltain’s, Celeana’s has more humor and playfulness, to a certain extent. Celeana (when alone with either Nehimia, Chaol, Dorian, or even her guards) is mostly teasing or making jokes to them, “‘For someone who relies on my good graces, you’re awfully bold.’ ‘Bold? I’ve barely begun’....’Go away. I feel like dying,’” (Maas, 256&257). I also like Celeana because she is very smart is always thinking, never putting her guard down or letting someone try to pry into

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