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Filippo Brunelleschi was one of the greatest architects, engineers and pioneers of the Early Renaissance. The Renaissance was a period of time, which began in the 1300s and ended around the 1600s that changed the world. The Renaissance blossomed in Italy and spread across the rest of Europe. During the Middle Ages or dark ages Italy was different than the rest of Europe because it had independent city states and wasn’t unified as it is today. After the Dark Ages, Italy lit up the entire world. People in Italy were starting to think out of the box. Innovations including humanism, art, painting, literature and sculpture were all hidden and then opened. This was the start of what we call the Renaissance. The Renaissance translates to English as…show more content…
Little is known about his early life; however it is believed that he was the middle child to his father Brunellesco di Lippo, a notary (lawyer) and his mother Giuliana Spini. He was born into middle-class family. Young Brunelleschi was originally given a literary and mathematical education intended to enable him to follow in the footsteps of his father. Yet since he was more artistic, he was enrolled in the Arte Della Seta, the silk merchants' Guild, which included goldsmiths, metalworkers, and bronze workers. He became a master goldsmith himself in…show more content…
Brunelleschi left Florence and went to Rome where he stayed for ten years examining in depth the remaining examples of Roman engineering. He was fascinated on the ways of the ancient Romans and especially their buildings. In particular Brunelleschi took an impression on ‘The Pantheon’ (a Roman temple) which he examined every inch of and understood how it and its dome were made. After that decade came to an end, Brunelleschi returned to Florence with the secrets of the Romans. He was fortunate as well because now the city of Florence needed somebody to create a dome over the Cathedral of Santa Maria del

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