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All books go against time, but few ever win. This book over 60 years old and is still talked about today. In The Fellowship Of The Ring, great wars take place that not even movies can give true justice. Armies with an infinite amount of soldiers, retreating like children to the presence of a single man. Gandalf stops a grand war by just riding in on a white stallion and announces to the orcs that he has arrived. In another part of middle earth; an entire forest full of trees, uproot and unite, to take out an impenetrable fortress. This causes Saruman, the wizard, to be trapped in a small tower with no escape. There also are many connections to World War II, if you know where to look. In this thesis, I will debate why I believe this book is deserving of an A. For the series of the book’s being written during World War 2, we can see that there can be connections from the book, to the war. Sauron, or the dark king, could be Germany and their corrupted ideas during Hitler’s reign. They both have many similarities. For instance they believe one…show more content…
Each creature, man or beast has one or more attributes. These attributes make them easy to remember in this famous classic. Many characters, like Treebeard, make reading fun. Reading their lines and how they react to the ongoing story is entertaining and suspenseful to the reader. The classics characters, like a mad king, and his thirst for power (metaphor). ☺ Also, a liar that can never tell the truth, to save his own skin. There is also Ents that randomly shout, “Boom!” in the middle of their sentences, this is hilarious! (Onomatopoeia). ☺ “For it is easier to shout “stop”, than to do it.” (Tolkien 97). This line stated by Treebeard tends to make you think; in a way it is showing how it is easier to say something than actually do it. Personally, this was my favorite quote from this old tree and it helps the reader get his side of the

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