Fate Can Be Seen As A Victim Of Fate In Macbeth

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Macbeth can be seen as a victim of fate in many ways, firstly Macbeth always possessed the desire to be king, it is not until he meets the 3 witches and hears the prophesies that he even begins to think of Duncan’s murder even though if he did nothing fate would come into place and make him king. This is when ambition comes into place. Once this meeting with the witches takes place, various instances of both fate and ambition come around to Macbeths character. Fate clearly plays a role in Macbeths life. Clearly it is fate that has Duncan stay in his castle as it is fate that has him meet the withes, however, apart from that it is his ambition, the words of his wife and his desire to be at peace that propels his bloodthirsty fears. He keeps killing to find peace of mind-but he fails in this. it is his fears, more than ambition, that has him kill banquo. It is this same fear that makes him attempt to kill Macduff. he fails in this but killing Macduff family is a disaster. Macbeth is more determined than lady Macbeth she crumples, goes mad and takes her life.…show more content…
when he and banquet first meet the withes, they don't mention murder, but Banquo notices Macbeth is clearly ‘rapt’ and we assume he has already thought of it. “My noble partner you greet with present grace and great prediction. Of noble having and of royal hope, That he seems rapt withal”. It is clear that Macbeth’s initial thoughts are of murdering Duncan, the withes tell him that he will be king, as even before they say anything about murder, Macbeth already begins to think about murdering the king. This is an example of what you could call Macbeths ruthless

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