Macbeth Fate And Destiny Research Paper

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Does fate predetermine our lives? People have questioned themselves about destiny’s role in their lives since the dawn of time. Do we control destiny or does it control us? Are our lives predestined? Destiny is a matter of choice rather than a matter of chance. Throughout the play, the weird witches controlled Macbeth’s future. However, he took matters in his own hands instead of letting their prophecy happening on its own. The witches seem to have foreshadowed a prophecy confusing and misleading Macbeth. Their tempting words “All hail, Macbeth that shalt be king hereafter!”(1.3.51) flattered his hidden desire for power. There is evidence that Macbeth wasn’t as ambitious before the witches made predictions, as after. He was a honorable,…show more content…
They never predicted the steps on that path that lead to the final goal. It was Macbeth himself who decided how his “becoming a king” would have been achieved. Macbeth took the prophecy as a reality. At first, Macbeth wasn’t keen on murdering the king, he kept doubting himself about the decision suggesting deep down he might not have had evil intentions. Macbeth feeling guilty about his crimes suggests he felt that he was responsible for them, done by his free will. Macbeth would not feel guilty if he felt that his actions were someone else’s doing. Later on, pushed and put down by Lady Macbeth constantly, he became a victim of his excessive pride and self-confidence. “My hands are of your color, but I shame / to wear a heart so white.”(2.2.64-65) However, even though it seems like he was controlled by others, he was only influenced by them for a short period of time. Further into the story though, we notice Macbeth seems to take charge in his actions displaying a strong free will, while lady Macbeth is left aside. “Be innocent of the knowledge, dearest chuck, Till thou applaud the deed.”(3.2.47-48) Maybe Macbeth chose this action to protect Lady Macbeth from being accessory to further crimes, or maybe he had realized that she was an obstacle in his path of becoming

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