Tough Decisions In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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In the story Of Mice and Men George goes through a lot of tough decisions with Lennie, Lennie has issues with getting in trouble in every place they go to together. I know it’s tough of George and all the other characters In the story Of Mice and Men each character goes through a lot of issues Candy had a dog that was really old that he loves to death and all of his friends were talking him into killing his dog since its old and doesn’t want it to suffer so Carlson took it out and shot it he was offered a little puppy from Slim. It’s hard because George has to commend the man for making such an enormous sacrifice to spare his best friend Lennie from the torture he might have incurred from the hands of Curly he would only have one hand since Lennie already crushed it.…show more content…
But George saved Lennie from all the hassle that Lennie would have to go through if Curly got a hold of him. “George has no choice. If the angry mob named Curly didn’t torture and kill Lennie, they would (at the very least) lock in a cage. As Slim said “that aint no way to live”. George overall is a protected guy from all the trouble that he goes through defending Lennie has much as possible. Like in the small town wheat they had to run away and hide for a couple of days before they live wheat because of Lennie he grabbed a hold of a small little girl and she was yelling

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